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Healing the Deeper Meridian Systems



"Ted’s work made me curious. I feel that I want to dare to begin again. I have been practicing Shiatsu for many years. Ted’s method (the expanded meridian system and the possibility to diagnose precisely with the finger test,) made Shiatsu new and attractive again. Suddenly, it seems possible to diagnose accurately and to treat not only preventatively but also to improve deep imbalances.
Some of my impressions of Ted’s courses: depth, space, tranquillity, trying something new with ease and fun, modesty"

Ingrid Stastny, Horgen

"The workshop with Tetsuro Ted Saito (Jan. 18.-20.02, tune in Zürich) was a beautiful experience. Ted’s complete dedication to his work, as well as his joyful simplicity and modesty resting on his mastery of the subject, were very refreshing as well as technically enriching.
He proposes a simple and convincing method to test whether your diagnosis is correct, and whether you hit the chosen meridians on their appropriate location and appropriate degree, as they run at a given moment in the receiver."

Anne Winter, Lic.Phil, Shin Tai, Shiatsu und Kommunikation, Bern

"The Shin So approach has given me a magical glimpse into the Ki meridian complex. I have new eyes at the tips of my fingers to sense where and when, and a better map of the meridian terrain to know why and how. The rich wisdom of the ancients comes alive through Ted’s work."

Anne Bullock, Toronto